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  Eric G. - Portland, OR  "I was a little nervous about my first stand up paddleboarding experience, but with Josh's patient instruction and clear enthusiasm for the sport I couldn't help buy have fun.  I've rode jet skis, wakeboards and pretty much anything that floats, but this was the most fun I've had on the water in years."




Crystal P. ~ Havre, MT  "Josh is a great teacher!  Training was quick, concise and made me feel comfortable on my board as soon as I hit the water.  The day was cool and overcast, however his [Josh's] enthusiasm made me hardly notice the weather.  Would love to do it again!"   



 Jens O. ~ Billings, MT  "What an enjoyable experience!  I was definetely worried about getting wet seeing as I have the balance of a drunk sailor, but Josh is a great insturctor and was able to get me to stand up on the board without any problems.  I had a great time and would recommend PINK COWBOY to anyone."



Tina O. ~ Billings, MT  "My husband and I had a great time spending the afternoon on the lake with Josh.  He is an amazing instructor...patient, encouraging, and willing to offer suggestions for improvement when asked.  We are now hooked on stand up paddling and will be going again in the future.  Thanks for the great introduction."

Justin L. ~ West Monroe, LA  "Wow, what a cool and interesting experience!  It's like nothing else I've ever done walking on water.  Usually  when you're at the lake in a kayak or canoe, you have this low, ground-level view.  But with stand up paddling you have this high-up, elevated perspective.  Really neat.  And Josh did a great job showing us the techniques.  After just a couple minutes of instruction on the dock, we were oout on the water and having a blast!  Thanks Josh!"

 Moira M. ~ Kalispell, MT  "Stand up paddling is such a great way to spend an afternoon!  I felt comfortable on the board immediately and there was just enough risk of falling off to make it fun.  I really enjoyed cruising around the lake, chatting with friends.  Looking forward to my next SUP adventure!"


Mandie M. ~ Seattle, WA  "I have wanted to try SUP for years.  I was nervous at first but decided to give it a try because it looked like such a great way to enjoy the water.  Josh did such an amanzing job of instructing me.  He taught me how to find my balance point while we were on shore and buily my confidence up.  Once I got on the board I knew I wasn't going to get wet (unless I wanted to).  I had a blast and can't wait to do it again - maybe on the river! 


Doug F. ~ Bozeman, MT  "PK and Josh took my 8 year-old daughter and I out [Stand Up Paddling] this summer on a lake outside of Bozeman.  They gave us a series of instructions on land and then we hit the water.  It was amazing.  I really enjoyed it and as a Triathlete, I immediately saw the serious potential for core fitness and cross-training.  But the best part was seeing my daughter.  She loved it, we couldn't keep her off the board.  Josh paddled with her all afternoon. 


Abby F. ~ Bozeman, MT  "I didn't even fall in the water!  Josh & PK were super fun." 

Myrna S. ~ Seattle, WA  "I had so much fun!  I always wanted to try SUP since I saw it in Hawaii a few years ago.  Josh is a great teacher:  patient and very knowledgeable and he made learning easy.  Our lesson was concise and we were paddleboarding within minutes.  It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.  Thanks again!"


Danny K.  ~ Castle Rock, CO  "Stand up paddling was a fun yet relaxing experience that was easily accomplished the first time I tried it.  It is a great way to get forget about the reality of life and get lost in the wilderness around you."


Bjorn B.  ~ Bozeman, MT  "What a riot stand up paddling was!  I was a little nervous about getting out on the water, but Josh was a great instructor, and definitely helped put me at ease once we were on the water.  I can't wait to do it again!" 

Marya S. ~ Livingston, MT  "I had a blast with PK and Josh paddling the Yellowstone on stand up boards.  I'm pretty much a beginner, but I got pretty good in just one afternoon!  I loved it."

Ben M. ~ Seattle, WA  "Josh instructed me in stand up paddling on a small lake this January.  Stepping onto the board was like stepping into another world!  Even though hundreds of people were walking around the lake, I experienced a great sense of tranquility as we floated away from the hustle and bustle of everday life."

Pepi C. ~ Helena, MT  "Running the Yellowstone River on a stand up board this summer was a fully unique and exciting experience.  PK's river knowledge and SUP instruction was great, because I had been on SUP's a fair bit, but never on moving water - and there were definitely new skills to learn.  From a professional perspective, I'd recommend it as a training technique for all of our athletes, it's an amazing balance exercise." 

Robby G ~ Austin, TX  "Stand up paddling is my new favorite sport.  PK introduced me to both flatwater and downriver stand  up paddling and it's amazing how fast your board skills progress and how fun it is to use those skills in different types of water.  I live in Texas and I'm buying a board to paddle on local lakes and  reservoirs."
Robby G.  ~  Austin, TX

Ross M ~ Bozeman, MT  "I started stand up paddling this past summer using a friend's board on Hauser Lake.  We have an out-and-back course we paddle for time.  I was drawn to the fitness aspect of the SUP, which is truly limitless.  PK and I ran a stretch of the Yellowstone River in August and it was awesome.  As a first time down-river paddler, he schooled me on how to manage the board in moving water, how to use different techniques that are necessary on the river.  All in all, I was blown away."

Donnie O. ~ Bozeman, MT  "I'm a big guy, 6'4" and 250 lbs. so I was a little skeptical of how stable the stand up board would be on the river.  But, it was awesome!  It was a mellow stretch of river and we [PK and I] started by eddying in and out of small eddys, moving river-left and river-right, always looking downriver.  Before I knew it, I was relaxed and checking out the wildlife and scenery.  I can't wait to go again." 

Nick K. ~ Boise, ID  "PK's my brother and he has been passionately pursuing SUP for years now.  On a trip back to MT this summer we paddled a few rivers and lakes and I was floored by how one sport can be so diverse.  We started on flatwater and he taught me the the basic paddle strokes and board management.  Then, we hit the Yellowstone river and I put the basics to the test.  Having a background in whitewater kayaking, it was amazing to combine the stand up paddling and class 2+ river-running.  PK did a great job bridging the gap between my former kayaking and river knowledge and the newness of the stand up paddling experience."