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Pink Cowboy proudly donates 5% of profits to organizations participating in the fight against breast cancer.


 Why The Curious Name, "PINK COWBOY"?  First and foremost, we chose "pink" because of our commitment to support Breast Cancer Awareness by proudly donating 5% of our profits to breast cancer research programs.  Janna Kuntz, the mother of PINK COWBOY owner Justin Kuntz, is a breast cancer survivor and achieved 9 years of cancer-free status in 2014. Needless to say, the cause is near and dear to our hearts.

Secondly, the "cowboy" represents a nod to our Montana roots and our appreciation of the cowboy spirit of hard work, adventure, treating people kindly and respecting the environment.  Finally, we think our name matches our easy-going, fun-loving and creative personalities.  We believe life is too short to take everything seriously.

What We Do    PINK COWBOY provides Tube, SUP and Boat rentals along with SUP sales, SUP lessons, and guides SUP river trips throughout Montana.  We are commited to providing world-class service to individuals, families, large groups, and resort properties across the entire Rocky Mountain Region. 



So, what exactly is Stand Up Paddling (SUP) anyhow?  In an effort to understand the answer, it’s important to realize that this exciting sport is fighting a bit of an identity crisis due to the many variations of it’s name.  Stand Up Paddling, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Stand Up Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing,  and the popular acronym SUP.  All the terms are used frequently and they all describe the same sport, which at it’s most basic involves standing and balancing on a specialized surfboard while propelling yourself  with an extremely long paddle.  


The biggest factors that have made SUP the fastest growing sport in America is that it can be done on almost any body of water, it is easy to learn for people of any age and athletic ability, and it can be enjoyed in temperatures from 40-100 degrees.  With proper instruction and learning conditions, most SUP first-timers are standing and paddling with success within 5 minutes of getting on the boards, and most never fall in or get anything other than their feet wet. 


SUP originated in the ocean where traditional surfers began using paddles to catch more waves.  Quickly, SUP pioneers began exploring the potential to stand up paddle on lakes and rivers.  SUP has since exploded in popularity among inland recreationalists. 


We are excited to be a part of the SUP explosion and we look forward to teaching you a great new sport.  For our lessons , parties, and clinics, we provide all of the specialized gear you will need.  See lessons for more info about what you should bring.


We are vailable to travel anywhere in the world to provide private SUP instruction for your family or group.  For inquiries, please e-mail us or call: 406-219-8823