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1) Renters are required to read & sign a Release of Liability Waiver.  Renters under age 18 must have parent or guardian signature on Liability Waiver.

2) To reserve any gear, payment must be made in full at time of reservation.  Full refunds are given for cancellations more than 48 hours from time rental was scheduled to begin.  No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled rental.

3) Gear must be returned by close of business on day of rental or by 11AM the next day to avoid late charges. 

4) Renter agrees that Pink Cowboy may charge the renter’s credit card for damage, loss, or late fees, based on the chart below.  Renter agrees that Pink Cowboy is solely responsible for declaring if gear is damaged and if gear is capable of being repaired.  Renter agrees that replacement fees are subject to change.

5) Renter accepts 100% responsibility for properly securing and transporting rental gear.  Renter accepts 100% responsibility for any damage, loss, or accidents that result from transporting rental gear.



Boats & SUP’s


Misc Gear

Late Fee

$5/hr  $10/day

$10/hr & $30/day

$5hr  $10/day

$5hr  $10/day



$20/hole $30/fin











Delivery is generally available for locations within 50 miles of downtown Bozeman on reservations of $150 or more.  Please call or e-mail to reserve gear and discuss delivery fees:  406-219-8823 or  



Description of rental SUP's (Availability may vary) 

Liquid Shredder 9' SUP   

Stability: 10   Flatwater: 5   Rivers: 9   Wakesurf: 5

Ultra-light, ultra-wide (35"), and ultra-stable, these boards are the perfect design for beginners or river paddlers.  Because of the short length, these boards are super maneuverable but not ideal for long flatwater touring.  When giving lessons, this is the board we start all first-timers on because of the extreme stability. Board Weight: 21.5lbs  Weight Capacity: 240lbs.


Liquid Shredder 10' SUP   

Stability: 6   Flatwater: 8   Rivers: 3   Wakesurf: 9

Designed with performance in mind, this board is for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want to challenge or improve their balance skills.  Have a boat?  This board is our best in class for carving turns on your wake.  On flatwater, this ultralight board can really speed along, especially with a light paddler.   Board Weight: 21.6lbs  Weight Capacity: 240lbs.


Liquid Shredder 10'6" SUP - NEW!!!!

Stability: 9   Flatwater: 9   Rivers: 8   Wakesurf: 7

This new board (Spring 2013) is perhaps the best all-around board we have ever paddled.  The 32" width makes it extremely stable for all levels of paddlers.  This model is 2.5" wider than the 10' & 11' models and is therefore much more forgiving when it comes to balance.  A beautiful glide makes this board an excellect flatwater choice yet it is still plenty maneuverable for rivers and wakesurfing.  Board Weight: 24.9lbs  Weight Capacity: 300lbs.


Liquid Shredder 11' SUP    

Stability: 7.5   Flatwater: 9   Rivers: 7   Wakesurf: 7

We call this board the "all-arounder" because it has performed admirably in every environment we have tested it in.  Although not quite as stable as the 9', most paddlers feel totally comfortable on this board with 10-15 minutes of practice.  This board is considerably more maneuveralbe than a 12' board, yet still tracks and cruises superbly on flatwater.  The real surprise came when we surfed this board behind the boat!  Fun, fun, fun.  Longboarding, Montana style, you've got to try it.  Board Weight: 25.3lbs  Weight Capacity: 300lbs.



Boardworks SHUBU 10'2" Inflatable SUP       

Stability: 9.5   Flatwater: 5   Rivers: 10   Wakesurf: 3

Inflatable SUP's were made for 2 reasons: running rivers and travel.  These boards were specifically designed for whitewater SUP, with bomb-proof construction and super durable fins. These are top-of-the-line inflatables that are crazy durable and capable of being pumped to a remarkable 15psi for an extremely rigid feel.  Perfect for challenging yourself by stand up paddling down one of our beautiful rivers.  Surprisingly fun and fast on flatwater as well.  If you have a trip planned that involves air travel, we can deflate this board and give you a 3 piece travel paddle and the carry case that holds both.  The whole package is under 40lbs and can be checked as a regular piece of luggage.  Can you say, SUP in Hawaii?  Board Weight: 34lbs  Weight Capacity: 300lbs.